At Webster Hots, we love our customers!

To show our appreciation,we have created a VIP club to pay you back for your business.  Benefits of joining the VIP club are:

  • $1 off your order, just for signing up
  • Any Plate for free on your birthday (or any items up to $9.99 from the menu)
  • Digital punchcard ....get 10 punches, get free food
  • Chance to win a free plate (or $9.99 from the menu)  with every purchase
  • Earn Silver, Gold, or Platinum status for everyday discounts

Join Now!

Powered by FLOK.  Download the FLOK app, add Webster Hots to your FLOK club, get stuff for free

$1 off on your next visit.  Plus, all the benefits of being a VIP!